Relating to Margolin, Anaheim cops never ever found proof that Angela Diaz created that e-mail account

One regarding the bogus email accounts allegedly developed by Angela Diaz ended up being, which she presumably utilized to deliver communications to by by herself that threatened her life and that of her unborn youngster. (Prosecutors state Angela Diaz really faked her maternity and lied to police about expecting a child.)

“You will totally lose your child and it’ll be done by will of god,” one e-mail warned, before signing down with: “God’s vengeance will rise, Michelle.” Another e-mail stated, “You will likely be raped and kidnapped today.”

Margolin noticed that Ian Diaz acknowledged having an software called Hotspot Shield on his phone, that may conceal internet protocol address addresses. (Cunha testified he never ever discovered this phone software whenever Ian Diaz’s device that is searching.)

The attorney theorized that Ian Diaz ran and developed the Lilithistruth email account, but Cunha wouldn’t normally get thus far. “I do not have proof of that,” the cop testified.

Margolin further stated that Angela Diaz couldn’t have delivered the Lilithistruth email messages she wasn’t privy because they contained information to which.

One e-mail noted a possible $5,000 settlement on the condominium that Ian Diaz and Hadley once owned together. In the right time, Ian and Angela Diaz had been living in the home, while Ian and Hadley fought over it in court.

Ian Diaz forwarded Cunha email messages from Lilithistruth and stated no body knew in regards to the prospective settlement, conserve for him, Hadley, and their solicitors.

Some of those e-mails had the line that is subject Toy,” while another read, “Come over and rape me personally,” Cunha testified.

Whenever Margolin asked Cunha he did not because “his mother now has the phone and she lives in Idaho. if he had been in a position to examine Ian Diaz’s phone, Cunha stated” This revelation prompted the Orange County judge to ask, “Did their mama go on it far from him?” In reaction, Cunha testified that Diaz’s mother just required a phone that is new.

On Tuesday, Margolin stated e-mail documents revealed that some body logged into one phony account at the couple’s condo may 24 that will 26, 2016. But because Angela Diaz took a trip to Arizona on her behalf grandfather’s funeral, departing might 25 and returning May 28, she had been most most likely maybe maybe maybe not the one who logged in.

As a result, prosecutors stated the incriminating e-mails had been delivered before Angela Diaz’s journey; the emails sent after she left had been traced back into a mobile phone, nonetheless they couldn’t recognize a particular location. One e-mail ended up being linked to a digital network that is private.

A history that is tangled an Ex

This week’s testimony additionally included allegations that Hadley had post-traumatic anxiety condition from an abusive relationship with Ian Diaz.

Hadley said that her beau that is former used snoop through her computer systems and kept copies of her computer files, Cunha testified. (based on Cunha, Ian Diaz later admitted to the claim.)

She additionally accused Ian Diaz of monitoring the kilometers on her behalf automobile with a tool because he didn’t genuinely believe that she would definitely work, Cunha stated.

When they split up in belated 2015, Ian Diaz presumably emailed Hadley pornographic material, Cunha testified find russian brides

The detective added that Hadley blamed her PTSD, in component, on Ian Diaz’s requests that they have a threesome with another guy.

Ian Diaz presumably made comparable propositions with their brand new spouse.

E-mails between Ian and Angela Diaz, through the summer of 2016, show with him and another man, Cunha said that he asked her to participate in sexual encounters.

In accordance with e-mails entirely on Angela’s phone, Angela “said she’d do just about anything if he was,” Cunha testified for him and she was okay with it.

In August 2016, somebody called “Lacey” sent an email that is mysterious a regular Beast reporter claiming that she had dated Ian Diaz and therefore Angela Diaz had been a target of her very own spouse, too. (When expected to ensure her identification, Lacey stopped responding.)

“She had been assaulted, very nearly raped and stalked, yet this guy constantly contacts other females and it has actually no company doing that,” the e-mail stated. “Angela is a truly pretty good girl and happens to be a target of not merely Michelle, but her cheating hubby.”

The e-mail included a photo that is professional of and Ian together, along with an image of Angela and her mom.

“i’ve these images for yourself how she is,” the sender concluded so you can see. “The news has to investigate this.”

On Tuesday, an Anaheim detective testified that Detective Cunha received comparable e-mails from the“Lacey that is same. The officer said while Lacey is a real person, her name was misspelled in the fake email account. Police interviewed the girl, whom stated she had no concept somebody ended up being delivering communications utilizing her identification.

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